See What You Are Missing – BNI Member Benefits

More than 203,000 members in over 7,500 chapters in 72 countries make Business Network International (BNI) the world’s leading business referral organization. Millions of referrals generating $9.3 billion in closed sales in 2015 makes BNI the world’s most successful business referral organization.

BNI Miami-Dade is the top BNI region in the US and number three in the world. We currently host 34 local chapters, and that number is growing every year. With existing and new forming chapters all over Miami-Dade County, there is one that is right for you and your business.

We believe BNI’s success comes from our two driving values, Givers Gain and member commitment. The Givers Gain philosophy calls for members to actively focus on finding business referrals for other members. This naturally cultivates strong relationships between members and more referrals for everyone.

BNI expects a higher level of commitment from its members than the typical networking group. Weekly chapter meetings ensure that members remain in close contact and are designed to foster the confidence to refer business to fellow members without reservation. Attendance is taken very seriously, and because of that your fellow chapter members become an integral part of your regular business dealings. Each chapter’s membership is limited to only one representative from any particular professional specialty, so you will never find yourself competing for referrals. Monthly Network Nights events provide the opportunity to meet and network with members of other BNI Miami-Dade chapters.

The Benefits of Membership

  • Increased exposure to a wide network of business professionals
  • Solid business relationships that will last for the rest of your life
  • Effective networking tools including educational workshops and mentoring opportunities
  • Visibility, Credibility and Profitability for each of our members
  • Opportunities to engage with other community organizations

The truth is that word-of-mouth is the most cost-effective, and one of the strongest, forms of business marketing available. By joining a local BNI Miami-Dade chapter you will become a part of the largest and most effective business referral organization in the world. Click here to learn about BNI Miami-Dade chapters and forever change the way you do business.